• Volunteer Milfoil Monitoring and Removal Form can be found here.

    • Instructions for completing the form

    • Your volunteer hours count as in-kind donation towards the DNR grant requirements as does the use of your personal motorized boat or non-motorized boat while performing monitoring and removal of EWM.  There is no need to calculate the dollar value of your in-kind donated work/equipment use.  The district will tally up the totals before it submits the grant reimbursement requests.  Simply report the hours, locations, and other useful information requested on the form.

  • EWM Blitz Form (printable only, not fill-able PDF files)

  • Commonly used DNR Volunteer Forms.  These are fill-able PDF forms.

    • In most cases, our volunteers will not need to use these forms.  However they are provided for those volunteers who may have a need to use them.

      • DNR Form 8700-349A - Volunteer Labor Worksheet & Summary (individual volunteer).  Volunteer labor as in-kind donation is set at a rate of $12/hr.

      • DNR Form 8700-349C - Volunteer Labor Worksheet & Summary (multiple volunteers, usually for a single activity).  Volunteer labor as in-kind donation is set at a rate of $12/hr.

      • DNR Form 8700-362 - Donated Equipment.  The DNR allows for in-kind donated use of both motorized and non-motorized boats to perform volunteer work.  The rates for use of equipment are as follows:

        • Motorized Boats - $10/hr, or $40 for a half day, or $80 for a full day

        • Non-motorized boats limited to kayaks, canoes, and row boats - $2.17/hr

        • Please round up to the nearest full hour of use.

    • The forms require additional information such as grant sponsor, grant number, and project name.  This information may differ depending on what type of work is being performed by volunteers for the District.  If you have questions or need assistance in filling out the DNR form, contact Dan Butkus, Treasurer, at dan.butkus@yahoo.com.